Nursery Super work Completed

Well done Frankie, I can see you have been on a scavenger hunt and made a picture with all the items you found. I can also see that you were able to make a sky in a glass - amazing work! 
Amazing butterfly Chloe, I love that you have made it glittery. I also love the fact that you have written 'leaf' under your drawing. 
Well done Rayyan, what a beautiful butterfly. I love that you have used different materials and written the word butterfly.  Muhammad, “ My stegosaurus is walking on the grass.”

Raheel, “My Dinosaurs”  Eid, “My stegosaurus is having fun on the skate board.”      
Rayyan, “My stegosaurus is stomping.” Olisa,”My Stegosaurus have to be purple,
because purple is my favourite colour."
Carnival Masks by Nursery Bubble A