Year 4 Super work Completed

Well done Irvin, I can see you have been taking care of your garden. Some flowers already blossomed! Good job!

Great job! I can see that you have researched about the Milky Way and you have created a very colourful picture.

Amazing job Ryan! I love that you have collaborated with your sister Faith researching and creating this detailed diagram about the seasons.
Well done Halima! I love that you are engaging with your Maths and your English. Great multiplication skills and good use of time connectives!'
Fascinating trick! Well done completing the daily challenges. Do you know why is this happening?'

Outstanding work Aarav! I can see that you have successfully recreated the water cycle in a bag. I love the picture on it. It really helps to understand how the water cycle works!

Excellent job researching the rainforests around the world and locating them on a map. It is awesome that you remembered to add a key!

Congratulations on your successful water experiment! Those are some very interesting patterns Aarav!

Great job Taaren! I can see that you have successfully followed the investigation and created a dinosaur ice egg. I am sure it wasn’t easy to carve the toy out!

Great job completing one of the challenges! I can see that you have thought of what colours and shapes to use to recreate an African mask.

Impressive job Taaren! I love that you engaged with your Geography and History superprojects
researching and writing about Nelson Mandela, Africa and its animals.

  Good job expressing your opinions and ideas about some types of dinosaurs! I can see that you have research about different ones!