Foxborough Primary School - Our School Culture
Pioneer Educational Trust - Vision

Foxborough Primary School is proud to serve its pupils, their families and the local community. As a school, we seek to provide an inspiring education that is inclusive and supportive. We are committed to providing a principled and holistic education that develops the whole child providing them with love of learning and a desire to make a positive contribution to society.

Foxborough Primary School:
- Cares for its pupils and their families in a supportive and understanding environment;

- Seeks to nurture every child’s individual talents so that they reach their full potential;

- Works co-operatively with the local community to raise aspirations;

- Is purposeful, organised and effective in bringing about positive change.

As well as providing a curriculum that prepares children for their continuing educational journey, the school aims to develop its pupils as resilient, resourceful and creative thinkers.



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