Year 6 Transition Work

Foxborough Secondary School Transition Resources







BBC Bite size in partnership with YoungMinds have announced their new campaign Starting Secondary School which is designed to help support the critical step of beginning Secondary school. Click on the links to access the resources.

BBC Bitesize is hosting a range of content that you, your pupils and their parents can use to navigate the transition to Secondary school, including peer-to-peer advice from CBBC Our School stars, practical tips for parents and BBC Teach classroom clips and resources.

After exploring Young Minds and BBC Starting Secondary School, please use look at the KS2 Rise Above Transition to Secondary School found below in the resources.

After having used “KS2 Rise Above Transition to Secondary School” resource, look at the numbered resources below and complete them in order.



0 KS2 Rise Above Transition to Secondary School

1 Cover Page

2 New Subjects

3 School Equipment

4 School Uniform

5 School Rules

6 Travelling to School Survey

7 Primary School Profile

8 Secondary School Profile

9 Getting to Know People

10 My Educational Journey So Far

11 Daily Timetable Sample

12 Daily Timetable Activity 1

13 Daily Timetable Activity 2

14 Time Capsule Letter

15 Time Capsule Snapshots

16 Time Capsule Scrapbook

17 School Scenarios Activity Sheet 1

18 School Scenarios Activity Sheet 2

19 My Feelings About Secondary School

20 Homework Task

21 Transition-Scenarios