What Facilities does the School offer?

Foxborough Primary School is divided into three zones: Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

The Early Years facilities provide a light, bright and open space for children to play and learn.  The space is modern, fresh and well-equipped providing areas for role-play, construction, art and much more.

Foxborough Primary School is fortunate to be situated on a large plot of land providing extensive opportunity for outdoor learning.  There is a trim-trail, pirate ship play area, wide range of playground equipment, an environmental area, football pitches and a running track.  Playtimes are structured and children can choose from a range of physical activities, including football, netball, table tennis and basketball, as well as a quiet area and a reading area equipped with large beanbags and a selection of books.

There are two main halls: one for Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2.  These provide excellent spaces for whole-school assemblies and PE lessons.

Classrooms are equipped with interactive white-boards that enable the teachers to engage pupils in collaborative learning.  There are a number of laptops in each Key Stage 2 class meaning that pupils can have easy access to online learning tools.  We have had a new ICT Suite built with capacity for 30 desktop computers.  All classes are timetabled to use the suite throughout the week.

Foxborough has currently revamped the Library.  Due to a donation from Foyle Grant we have been able to relocate and expand the Library with a full stock of children's literature and non-fiction texts.

For those requiring 'wrap-around' care, the school offers both a Breakfast Club and an After School Club each day.  The breakfast club opens at 7.30am until the start of the school day.  Similarly, the after school club, starts at 3.30pm (at the end of the school day), up to 6pm.  Our breakfast club is charged at £2 per day.  If your child is in receipt of Free School Meals this charge will not apply.  The after school club is charged at £2.50 until 4pm, £6 until 5pm, £8.00 until 6pm or £6 until 6pm if booked a term in advance.   Registration forms for both clubs can be obtained from the school office, or by email.

Each term the school offers pupils a variety of sports clubs and activities both at lunchtime and after school.  Clubs run for 5 weeks at a time and sign up sessions take place each half term.  Foxborough also offers the children an opportunity to join the school choir.  Choir practice takes place at lunchtime and our choir has sung at events outside of school.

Foxborough is privileged to have a Complex Needs Resource Base, called The Den, which caters for the needs of up to eight pupils.  We also have a Nurture Group which caters for up to 10 children from Key Stage 1.  For full details please visit the Information section of the website. 

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