Learning_review_day_1 Learning Review Day @ Foxborough Primary

Learning Review Day

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Fox_head_in_circle_-_new_logo_copy_for_paint This weeks Value Ceritificate Winners

This weeks Value Ceritificate Winners

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Happy-star-clip-art-300x293 This weeks Star Writers

This Weeks Star Writers

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Gym New Outdoor Gym for Foxborough Primary

During the Summer Break here at Foxborough we were lucky enough to have a new Outdoor Gym Built on a section of our school field. The children are having great fun kee...

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Foxborough_hr_blue_-small iSingPOP Concert

24th February 2017

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Foxborough_hr_blue_-small Sky News Feature on Foxborough

Sky News visited Foxborough on Friday 10th February to find out about Foxborough's fabulous work supporting their pupils’ welfare and wellbeing. They were...

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Foxborough_hr_blue_-small Slough Express article

School celebrates its improved rating  

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Foxborough_hr_blue_-small 'It has been a huge journey'


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Foxborough_hr_blue_-small Education Spotlight: Foxborough Primary

  From farm to school: Proud history lesson

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Foxborough_hr_blue_-small Tesco 'Bags Of Help' Award

Last spring, Foxborough successfully won a grant to enhance the playground facilities for our KS1 pupils. We invited pupils from KS1 to look at the designs we had made...

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Foxborough_hr_blue_-small Windsor's Trevelyan teams up with two other schools in neighbouring Slough to form supertrust

Windsor's Trevelyan Middle School has teamed up with two others from Slough to form a new supertrust. The popular school at Wood Close became part of the Upton ...

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Phonics_workshops Phonics Workshops

  PHONICS WORKSHOPS 9am and 2:30pm Thursday 29th September   Parents of children in Reception, Years 1 and 2 are invited to attend Phonics Wor...

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Foxborough_hr_blue_-small Foxborough children sing at Harvest Celebration in the park

FOXBOROUGH CHILDREN SING AT HARVEST CELEBRATION IN THE PARK On Saturday 24th September children from Foxborough’s choir took part in the Harvest Celebration i...

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Ks1_curriculum_collapse_week_commencing_5th_september KS1 Curriculum Collapse Week

  KS1 Curriculum Collapse Week Commencing 5th September Last week we had a Curriculum Collapse Week. Year 2 studied the Royal Family: they made the royal...

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