Parent Feedback

Here are some comments made by parents about Foxborough Primary School:

Year 4 Stay & … on 10th February 2017

“Fantastic ideas for children to learn maths and activities.  Well organised for the children.”

“It was really nice to stay with my son and see how he learns at school.  I really enjoyed it.”

“I was very interested to see what and how the children are learning, I had a lot of fun.”

 “It was really fun to join in with the learning in class.”


Year 3 Stay & Plant on 3rd February 2017

“I really enjoyed the planting session with my daughter, and the children telling us how plants grow and what they produce.”

“This was a fun informative, messy session, I loved meeting my son’s  friends and doing a plant project with them.  Great morning!”

“Great to spend time with the children making plants, very educational.”

“Good way to teach about photosynthesis, I enjoyed it a lot.”

“This was a very good experience.  I enjoyed working with my daughter.”

“It was nice to be able to see what the children have been learning and be able to be part of it.”

“I enjoyed the session, it is great to spend time with my son and help him plant.”

“A very good activity! All the children seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.  Good way for them to understand how plants grow and I hope they enjoy watching them grow.”

Year 1 Stay & Read Session on 27th January 2017

“I love everything you do for my child. Good Job!”

“I loved to read with my child.  I liked the way teacher asked them about the story in front of everyone.  It builds their confidence.”

“It is a fantastic experience.  It is really helpful for the students and the adults.”

“I enjoyed the stay and read session, I always enjoy seeing my son at school learning.”

Year 2 Stay & Make Christmas Decorations on 1st December 2016

 “A really good morning, had a lovely time.  Well managed.”

“What a lovely session with 2 Hare today.”

“Really enjoyed making decorations, the children did too.”

“Interactive session it was good to see my son being creative.  Thoroughly enjoyed the session.  Good Christmas exercise.”

“I loved making decorations with my son and spending quality time with him.”

“It was lovely having a bonding session with my daughter, we both really had fun. Thank you so much.”

“I am very happy with this visit, really enjoyed spending time with my daughter.”

“It was lovely to make Christmas decorations with my daughter, it was a great pleasure to meet and play together with the children in school.”

Year 3 Stay & Read on 16th November 2016

“The session has been very productive as I have gained an understanding of how to assist my child at home to improve upon their reading skills.”

“We found the session helpful for our grandson.”

“I really enjoyed spending time with my daughter in school environment.  I think it encourages our children to improve their reading at home and school.”

“It was good to spend some time with the children in their own space and see what they do.  Good experience.”

“My daughter enjoyed explaining the story through her drawing.”

“I really enjoyed stay and read session, it’s good to see what our children do in school and how they learn.”

“It was wonderful to spend time with the children and worthwhile tips on home reading.”

Year 4 Stay & Read Session on 7th October 2016:

“I really enjoyed learning more about how the children read at school.  Sharing a story book with my son and then talking about the book and writing a book review together.”

“It was a lovely stay and session with my daughter, it encourages me to do more like this in our home.  Teachers were clearly explaining what to do, even at home.”

“Excellent session, nice to have an opportunity to do bedtime routine in the school environment, Mrs Basson is an “Excellent Teacher” she can read to me every day with that marvellous accent, thoroughly enjoyable! More please!”

“I love to come to these stay and do sessions, they are always fun and give us an insight on what the children are learning.  The teachers always go to a lot of effort into making it enjoyable and memorable.”

“I enjoyed reading the book with my daughter.”

“It was fun interacting with my son at school and seeing what he does in school.”

“It was a great idea to let the parents know how to help their children, how to read and understand.”

“It was really good.”

Year 5 Stay & Write Poetry Session on 30th September 2016:

“We have really enjoyed the session and learnt a lot together.  We will continue to work together at home on the topic.  Thank you.”

“A wonderful idea of interaction with our children.  Fun activities to help the development of children – Thank you Miss Keeling.”

“I really enjoyed this session – It was great seeing my daughter sharing her ideas and seeing her work in action. It would be wonderful to have a session like this on a regular basis.”

“This session was really good, even better than good, fantastic.”

“Had a really nice time, I love coming to the Stay and ... sessions.”

“It was a very useful session, I learnt about the poem and skills with my child.”

Phonics Workshops on 29th September 2016:

“It was full of wonderful and useful information to help prepare my child for national level exams.”

“I’m very happy to know that my son is being taught phonics.  In fact I’m really excited. Thank you and keep on.”

“I really appreciated this session.  I would like to attend this kind of session again.”

“The phonics workshop was one of the best for teaching our child, but even better for the parents who are not good with English – lovely teachers.”

“Very informative especially the websites, hopefully it can be used in practice with my daughter.”

“Really good initiative.  We would like to see the phonics class with children.  I would like other workshops for other subjects, maths would be much appreciated.  Thank you

“Seeing this on the screen will help me to teach my daughter at home.”

“I enjoyed everything. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for the useful advice.”

“It was a very good workshop.  I want more of these kinds of workshops for parents.  The way Mrs Squire explained everything to us was very good.  Many thanks for your help.”

Year 6 Stay & Write Session on 23rd September 2016:

“Thank you for inviting me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the session, I got to know about my child’s education in the school.”

“We attended the year 6 stay and session and enjoyed the presentation on the topic that the pupils then had to write about.  Things were explained and questions asked which the pupils enjoyed.”

“Good interaction and my son…enjoyed the task.”

“I enjoyed watching and understanding what the children are learning, they are doing well and learning more and more each day.”

“I enjoyed learning about the Mayan people as I never really knew much about them.”

“Everything was very good.”

“Loved spending time with my daughter in school, seeing what she is doing in class and making the post card together.”

“Today we joined 6 Red Kite for their stay and write activity, my son and I enjoyed ourselves.”

“We designed postcards and had fun whilst learning.  Enjoyed listening and drawing with my child.  It’s a fun way to learn.”

“This was a wonderful experience, I enjoyed it very much.  This is the first time I learnt about Mayans.  Thanks.”

“It was very interesting to be able to participate in the children’s learning program at school, loved designing the postcard.  More sessions like this please!”

“I enjoyed doing work with my child.”

“It was good to see what my child is learning about.”

“It was lovely spending time with my kids at school. Longer sessions would be better.”

“I really enjoyed helping my child to make the postcard.”

“As a parent I enjoy these stay and do sessions as I look forward to seeing for myself what my son is learning in this lessons, it also teaches me a thing or two as well.”

“Always enjoy coming into school to see what my children are doing.”

Parents’ Consultation meetings in March 2016:

“I am very happy with the school and the teachers”

“I can’t thank the school enough for their support with both of my girls”

 “More Stay and sessions – my son enjoyed me coming into school and I enjoyed seeing his progress”

“Everything is perfect, there is nothing to improve”

“Everything so far is excellent”

“I am really pleased with how you keep me informed”

We welcome parent feedback. Please feel free to speak to a member of staff about your thoughts about our school. There is also a parent feedback box which can be found in the main reception.

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