Super Projects

Welcome to your new home learning Superproject!


Each month, there will be a new topic for you and your families to explore together. You may complete these tasks with your siblings or independently. Each topic will be introduced in our virtual assemblies. There are lots of activities set out for you in a range of subjects. You don’t have to do them all! Just pick ones that you find interesting and that your parents are happy for you to complete. You should complete at least one per week.


June's Superproject theme is Amusement Parks

Every child has been given a green or red home learning book which they can personalise. This should then be used to record any home learning that the children complete. This could be in the form of photos, drawings, pieces of writing or completed projects. Children may also then choose to bring any completed projects into school to be displayed. We’d love to see all the work you’re doing at home. We will be choosing some very special work to go up on the website for all your friends to see. Please remember to date each piece of work in your home learning book and to put your name on any completed projects.

Additional home learning will include: Reading Eggs assignments (, times tables practice (, maths homework, spelling practice and home reading.

All home learning will be handed out on a Monday and returned on a Friday.   

Good luck with your Superproject! I can’t wait to see all your fantastic home learning.