Super Projects

Welcome to your new home learning Superproject!


Each week, your teachers will decide on a new topic for you and your families to explore together. There are lots of activities set out for you in a range of subjects. You don’t have to do them all! Just pick ones that you find interesting and that your parents are happy for you to complete.

This week’s Superproject is Holidays


On top of this, your teachers will be setting a Daily Challenge! Don’t forget to check in every day to see your new challenge with a special message from the teachers.



We’d love to see all the work you’re doing at home. Send pictures, videos, letters and anything you want to show us to your year group email below. We will be choosing some very special work to go up on the website for all your friends to see. Don’t forget to include your name and a message to your teacher when you send the email, but remember that they won’t be able to email back. You can also post your videos on Twitter using @FoxboroughSch #superprojects


Good luck with your Superproject! I can’t wait to see all your fantastic home learning.


Mrs Theisinger.


Todays Challange

Tuesday Holidays Challenge



Tuesday Holidays Challenge


Wednesday Under the Sea Challenge‚Äč



Friday Under the Sea Challenge


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